LG Sonic – Coordinator

LGS has become a strong and innovative player in the market of controlling algae and biofouling. With 15 years’ experience in ultrasonic technologies, LGS has been able to successfully launch complete new technologies based on different R&D projects such as FP7 and Eurostars. In the course of the last decade, over 10.000 products have been successfully installed.

Control Data Systems – Partner

CDS is highly experienced in offshore data and communication system. They have earned their marks with developing wireless products and technologies for industrial applications, such as aerospace, oil & gas and environmental monitoring. CDS has years of experience with communication technologies in remote areas, which will be put to use in the aquaculture market as well.

Sonic Norway – Partner

SN has extensive knowledge of the harsh marine environment in which finfish production facilities are located. SN is very well known in aquaculture and has close relationships to end-users in the Norwegian market. SN has been set up by two major finfish farmers Refa and Nærøysund Aquaservice.