Once the ultrasonic technique is developed, in combination with sea proof casing and the required software, our system is ready to be validated close to shore. Full demonstration will be done afterwards. The LiceSonic technology will be tested in a relevant environment close to shore. This demonstration process is a needed step for a good market introduction.

The final selection of the demonstration siteare depending on several factors, e.g. the operational requirements, the accessibility of the site, and so on. The specifications of the demonstration sites will also be used to validate the correctness of the designed system.

End-users of the LiceSonic systems are finfish production facilities, located mainly in Norway, the UK (Scotland) and Chile.

The development of LiceSonic comprises of 3 phases:

Phase 1: System requirements

  • biological research
  • operational research
  • lab testing
  • environmental research
  • communication research

Phase 2: Design

  • the ultrasound acoustic system
  • experimental model
  • gateway prototype
  • the interactive sea lice control
  • data visualization

Phase 3: Development

  • integration and validation
  • demonstration
  • evaluation
Deployment of Sea Lice